Business Travel Guide for Frequent Travellers

Today’s business travelers are closer to technology than ever before. However, more technology doesn’t always mean more efficiency. Apart from the main objective of the trip, savvy business travelers look out for future possibilities with contacts in that area.

For them, every moment is precious and cautiously planned out. And that is when portable technology comes into picture. Here is a list of four traveler tips that can help you save enough time that you can effectively utilize to meet your trip’s objective.

1) Priority Pass

The airport lounges are not just meant for business and first class travelers anymore. With a particular fee, a person can obtain a day pass, which is available from the airline and costs around $25.00. And if you are a business traveler then priority pass is highly recommended for you as it is more of a membership program that can grant you access to over 600 VIP lounges in over 100 countries. The relaxing environment of the lounges with internet and conference can let you proceed with your job without any disturbance.

2) Hotel Apps

Nowadays, many hotels and resorts have a new app for almost all smart phones and tablets. The app lets you control your stay with a mere touch on your phone. With the help of this app, you can allot preferences for all your amenities and you can also order your meal to arrive in your room at a desired time. You can take appointments for spa, parlors, arrange transportation, find the local attractions and also make housekeeping requests without having to depend on the front desk. You can customize your whole stay even before you arrive.

3) Worldmate

This is a mobile travel app, which can be of great use to frequent business travelers. This app secures and forwards your confirmation emails and is very customizable and automatically synchronized. It can be your assistant to help you with your flight bookings, hotel reservations, car rentals and also your meetings, which is also sharable with your colleagues and assistants.

4) A Trusted Traveler

This is highly recommended for all business travelers. The security check at the airport consumes most of the time and the checks performed by TSA demands a lot of your time. But, if you are a member of Global Online Enrollment System (GOES) Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program, your security check time is considerably deducted. However, this program requires an application process along with a rigorous background check, long interviews, and a heavy fee. But, once certified into the program, you no longer have to wait in the long lines at security check points.

In this age of instant information, the aforementioned apps and programs can help you save plenty of time.

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